Storytelling Parade


I’ve been very fortunate to know and work with the smart storytellers at Stillmotion and Story & Heart, a band of filmmakers and educators who help elevate the craft of filmmaking by sharing their experience, knowledge, and approach to telling stories with heart.

I’ve learned many important lessons from them, but one of the biggest thing I’ve learned is that well told stories have the power to change the world.

This fall, Story & Heart launched the Storytelling Parade, a filmmaking challenge to tell stories of good in the world.

The rules were simple. One shoot day, one camera, one heart to your story, one clear take away. It sounds somehwhat constraining, but the truth is the rules helped us really focus in on the heart and message of our story, a great storytelling lesson. Creativity is often born out of constraint.

I was lucky to team up with Shelley Paulson for our story for the Parade about We Can Ride.

Over 300 filmmakers all over the world created films for the Storytelling Parade. Here is a collaborative film from Story & Heart about the experience of telling these powerful stories.

What happens when 300+ filmmakers collaborate to highlight the good in the world? from Story & Heart.

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