Senn & Sons
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Kimberly Senn, owner of Senn & Sons

I’m so lucky to call this pretty lady my friend. She’s smart, stylish, and funny. She’s always on-trend but also always completely down-to-earth. Whenever I’m considering a purchase for my home or my closet, I often ask myself, “What Would Kim Senn Do?”.  I’m considering having colorful rubber bracelets made with this motto.

Kim owns Senn & Sons, a delightful brand of nursery art. Think whales, and firetrucks, paper airplanes, and robots. Her designs are so clean and her colors so perfectly picked, that her pieces just make you happy.

Senn & Sons website / Twitter / Instagram /Facebook

The Senn & Sons film was so fun and I’m super excited that Kim and I are cooking up another creative collaboration for Winter 2015! Stay tuned.

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