Liz Banfield Photography

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Photographer Liz Banfield.

Liz is an inspiration to me as an artist and business owner. She has a clear version and a beautifully unique point of view in her work. She is still primarily a film shooter, and that choice supports her aesthetic vision so perfectly.

Colors have a subtle dreaminess. Moments seem to linger in her images rather than be caught or captured. The world is a little softer and more lovely through Liz’s lens.

Liz is recognized as one of the country’s leading photographers. She travels the globe shooting weddings for clients who place photography at the top of their priority list. Even with all that acclaim, she is as nice as they come. Down-to-earth and kind and real.

I’m so lucky to have you as my friend, Liz! I greatly value your support and encouragement on my own creative journey. You’re really an inspiration.

Liz Banfield’s website / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

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