Just Bloomed Stop Motion

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Jackie Just, owner of Just Bloomed.

Jackie is wildly talented in everything she does. From fabulous florals, to being a marketing maven, to rehabbing an old house, to being the most amazing host, to parenting like a pro. And she always looks good while doing it. I swear there are more hours in the day for Jackie Just than the rest of the world!

This girl is my sister. Well, not my real sister. But I love her to pieces and she is the definition of a friend you can always count on, who gives 110% in all aspects of life.

Before we teamed up for the Just Bloomed film, we created this fun stop motion film. We made it in on the floor of her mom’s living room, and I have a feeling Gail might still be finding confetti snow years later.

Thanks for all of the fun adventures together Jacks. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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Music credit: “Movie Loves A Screen” by April Smith and The Great Picture Show

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