Hot Indian Foods Startup Lessons Learned


Amol Dixit, owner of Hot Indian Foods.

I really respect my friend Amol’s business skills, energy and work ethic. In his opening year of Hot Indian Foods, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine named Hot Indian the best new food truck in 2013.

Amol keeps building and growing the Hot Indian brand, and in addition to the food truck truck opened a brick-and-mortar location for Hot Indian in the Midtown Global Market in 2014. His delicious indurritos and frites have gained an incredible following in the Minneapolis food truck scene.

I also have a huge creative crush on his lovely wife, writer Pallavi Sharma Dixit, who is indeed one Hot Indian! She and I hope to collaborate on a film together someday, can’t wait for that.

Hot Indian Foods website / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

While creating the Hot Indian Foods Pop-Up Video, I interviewed some people along the way who supported Amol in his startup of the Hot Indian food truck.

Tim Brunelle
Mark Palm of Chameleon Concessions
Sharon Gorney and JoEllen Martinson-Davis of Ultra Creative
Janene Holig, Executive Chef of Hot Indian Foods

Check out some of their wise business startup advice in this little film.

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