Erica Loeks : YouthLink Photography

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Photographer Erica Loeks (Photo credit: Laura Ivanova)

My friend Erica has one of the biggest hearts on earth. She is genuinely generous with her time, talent, and energy.

She introduced me to YouthLink two years ago when I was looking for a way to give back with my films to an organization doing good in the world. Erica has been the YouthLink photographer for many years, creating powerful imagery that tells the story of the youth served at this amazing organization.

YouthLink provides services, resources, and support to youth experiencing homelessness. My work on film projects for YouthLink has been both inspiring and humbling. I am reminded to be grateful for all of the opportunities and resources in my life. The drive and determination of the youth at YouthLink is incredible, inspiring me to continue to give generously of my time and talent to help and support this important work in our community.

Please consider supporting YouthLink with a donation here.

Thank you Erica for introducing me to YouthLink. Telling the stories of the youth there has really been a powerful experience.

Erica Loeks’ website / Twitter / Instagram /Facebook

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